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Arcanic Tech là công ty cung cấp dịch vụ outsourcing blockchain. Chúng tôi có nhiều năm kinh nghiệm trong việc xây dựng hệ sinh thái du lịch, khách sạn, gaming, blockchain, giáo dục, y tế, tài chính, thương mại điện tử và các dịch vụ khác.


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Không có hình thức tiếp thị nào có thể hiệu quả bằng việc khách hàng chia sẻ những trải nghiệm tích cực khi sử dụng dịch vụ và đưa ra phản hồi tích cực. Chúng tôi luôn lấy đó làm phương châm làm việc. Tất cả những gì doanh nghiệp bạn phải làm là nói cho chúng tôi biết bạn đang nghĩ gì.

Hãy thể hiện ý tưởng của bạn. Chúng tôi sẽ biến nó thành hiện thực và hoạt động thật hiệu quả. Chúng tôi không nói suông mà chỉ lắng nghe và hành động theo những điều khách hàng mong muốn.

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cùng doanh nghiệp của bạn trong quá trình chinh phục mọi mục tiêu, dù nó có khó đến đâu.


kết quả vượt trội và hoàn hảo nhất, tận tâm thực hiện từ những điều nhỏ bé nhất


bạn và doanh nghiệp của bạn trong quá trình đổi mới công nghệ. Bạn không đi một mình, chúng tôi sẽ đồng hành cùng bạn để đi xa hơn, lâu hơn.

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The use of blockchain in gaming allows players to have permanent ownership of their assets in the game and to freely buy and sell them. Unlike in the game, the publisher will not own and manage the entire game. Gamers can exchange assets between games by integrating in-game item data with tokens. Blockchain and smart contracts have the potential to lower transaction costs and speed up transaction processing in the Game. They can offer a range of payment options to gamers, making it easier for them to swap money.



Blockchain can assist authenticate the copyright of works of art in the fields of media/entertainment/art. Blockchain authentication is more transparent and offers more options to follow global trends. Furthermore, data kept on a secure cloud platform can assist media and entertainment service providers in reviewing and managing their entire operation process and business models. Blockchain technology can be used to establish operating platforms for art fans, allowing them to contribute ideas, write scripts, and write lyrics for their favorite films or music.



When it comes to financial transactions like booking/check-out payments, ticket payments, and so on, blockchain technology ensures that the database is never taken offline or wiped by cyberattacks, which is critical. Furthermore, the use of blockchain will simplify cross-border transactions for those who wish to travel worldwide. Personal information and property of visitors will be much better safeguarded than in the past. You won't have to be concerned with convoluted payment or service orders, or the possibility of information being leaked to third parties. Customers will have a better overall travel experience as a result of this.



Blockchain makes it easier to manage the transportation industry's massive data warehouse, allowing for more efficient recording and tracking of orders, receipts, invoices, documents, and, most importantly, product origins. The transportation industry may use blockchain to achieve two goals: transparency and the elimination of time-consuming paperwork. The first is the use of blockchain technology to organize and track global goods movement in a transparent and immutable manner. The second is the use of smart contracts to eliminate time-consuming paperwork and expedite the delivery of goods.



The use of blockchain in education can have a wide range of consequences. Not only transcript data, but also individual training, practical experience, and recruitment history are all maintained on the blockchain. In fact, there are many instances where candidates have provided incorrect information when applying for a job or a number of scholarships, with the majority declaring information higher than their capacity and qualifications, as well as their own practical experience, in order to meet the eligibility criteria for admission/examination.



Blockchain enables secure, simple transactions while also fostering trust among commercial partners. Through digital IDs, blockchain can potentially be used to rapidly identify individuals. Cross-border transactions, Trade Finance Platforms, Clearing, and Digital Identity Verification are all areas where banks can leverage blockchain technology.

Health care

Health care

Patient data is now frequently dispersed across multiple medical facilities, making it harder to retrieve in an emergency. Healthcare systems may use blockchain to store medical records safely and securely, allowing for real-time patient data updates across many departments and locations. The immutability of blockchains can assist to tackle this challenge, ensuring the integrity of patient medical records at all times. This application is particularly beneficial in clinical clinics where data integrity is critical.



In addition to some of the aforementioned applications, blockchain's transparency, immutability, redundancy, and security are used in a variety of other disciplines, including e-government management, agriculture, real estate, tax, and electronic invoicing... Passports, vouchers, invoices, legal documents, and other documents are encrypted using blockchain technology to provide safe, unfalsifiable, and verifiable data. This data is fully traceable, excluding the potential of it being tampered with or manipulated by a third party.

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Your business companion for the blockchain technology revolution

  • Du lịch/ Khách sạn

  • Arcanic will take use of the unique features of Blockchain technology to create an optimal system based on programs and procedures that are appropriate for the current state of your business at the lowest cost and with the highest possible efficiency.
  • Arcanic Tech
  • Gaming

  • Our talented team of programmers provide highly secured Decentralised application.
  • Arcanic Tech
  • Blockchain

  • Automating business contracts by self building them from design, development, audit and optimization meeting business requirements.
  • Arcanic Tech
  • Giáo dục

  • Our blockchain experts will help you bring a high level of security and mobility to your enterprise by integrating the latest distributed ledger technologies, identity solutions, and smart contracts.
  • Arcanic Tech
  • Y tế

  • Arcanic provides all-in-one service, completing the overall technology project of your business from web design, app design requirements to blockchain technology application in the management and operation process.
  • Arcanic Tech
  • Tài chính

  • Arcanic Tech


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I couldn't have asked for more than this. I will refer everyone I know. I like Arcanic Tech because they made my company achieve new technology a lot easier. Arcanic is exactly what our business has been lacking.

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