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Piratera: Open-World RPG Game, based on Blockchain Technology

Piratera is one of the open-world RPG games, transformed by blockchain technology. It is the most adventurous gaming platform, having captivating gameplay. Through this gaming platform, players can earn their tokens by connecting with in-game battles. However, their contribution to the ecosystem also provides them with an opportunity to earn rewards and tokens. This attractive gameplay consists of awesome well-invested graphics on its gaming interface.


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The reward mechanism of Piratera facilitates gamers with rewards while playing the game, in the form of CrossNFTs and tokens. They can utilise these CrossNFT to buy a sailor (character in a game), and can swap these tokens for making money.

The Piratera Metaverse, namely PIRAVERSE, facilitates this enormous play and earn. This Piraverse also facilitates multi-sensory activities and interaction between the communities for creating a diverse society on its platform. Their personalised team includes 150+ sailors, 50k+ items and 100+ mystery fruits, making its ecosystem so diverse.

About the Game

Piratera is fabricated with a heroic ideal of the “Pirate Era”. It is designed as an Open World Adventure and Idle Battle game, in which players often immerse themselves deeply and acquire amusement. In this battle combat, a maximum of 5 crew members are chosen to build a battling team. The strategic approach of a battle depends upon the team’s strength and intelligence, deciding what strategies they will use while playing. During the game, every member attacks the enemies or opponent team sequentially until only one crewman remains. The team that remains with the survivor, in the end, becomes the winner and acquires spoils of war from the loser team.


This huge Metaverse is also based on CrossNFT. This CrossNFT facilitates developers in preparing applications, gaming interfaces and so forth.

Decentralized Organisation

Kralus Studio builds the Game Piratera. In this virtual world, the players can decide the following features and development directions of the platform. Although using PIRA, players can participate in DAO activities, which tells them the next direction, the game will take. However, the developers of this platform have promised that in Q3/2022, they’ll start voting for selecting the next island and following characters in the game. Lately, gamers can also vote for selecting events.


On Marketplace, players can buy or sell their NFTs like sailors, items and so on. However, players also get the desired NFTs on the Marketplace and can buy them to utilise while playing. But, the selling price of NFTs on the Marketplace are set by the players who are selling them.

How to join the game?

To become part of a game, firstly, players need to have at least one sailor. They can own sailors in two different ways:

  • Open Wanted Posters:

Players own wanted posters and receive a sailor randomly. This depends on the poster type a player owns.

  • Marketplace

Players can buy sailor NFTs on Marketplace, including other items used in the game.

After owning the sailors, now players are eligible to join the game. They can register themselves on the platform and enjoy games.

Piratera is designed for the game-seekers, who are constantly engaging in such activities. Along with the entertainment, now these gamers can take benefits of Play-to-earn through this platform. They can earn tokens through different activities while playing games. After that, they can also withdraw them and swap them to get money.

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