Should your company outsource blockchain development?Blockchain InsightShould your company outsource blockchain development?

Should your company outsource blockchain development?

outsourcing blockchain development

Blockchain has gained popularity as a result of its practical and scientific applications in diverse industries. However, not very many firms understand how to integrate blockchain technology into their business process, which is where outsourcing blockchain development services come in.

1. Overview of outsourcing blockchain development services

Before I describe a notion called “outsourcing blockchain development services,” I’ll use the following example for simplicity:
Your company operates in the Logistics industry. Every day, your enterprise must verify the status of intermediate goods and the shipping operation because there are so many item codes and deliveries. Clients complain constantly about the accuracy as well as the time it takes to process orders, despite the fact that employees with the appropriate expertise have been recruited.

That’s when blockchain technology came into play for your business. Because it automatically monitors product status, and shipment status, and works out cheaper, this technology connects with transportation management software to assist improve working time. Your company, on the other hand, lacks experience in this innovation and therefore does not effectively integrate it with existing operations.

It’s similar to engaging an outside digital marketing agency to run a social media advertising campaign. Outsourcing blockchain development services will assist your enterprise in resolving that difficult problem, integrating blockchain technology into the management process, training your employees on how to use it, reducing expenses, and operating for the benefit of the company. Obviously, all efforts will be carried out by a team of blockchain experts with extensive experience.

2. Benefits from outsourcing blockchain development

We can clearly see the disadvantages when an in-house team is only qualified to handle basic software-related problems. They of course have never been exposed before to blockchain technology, so if businesses require them to learn more about blockchain to apply, it will lead to inexperience and take time to practice. Therefore, an outsourcing team with a lot of experience in implementing blockchain projects will optimize many more things. 

Benefits from outsourcing blockchain development

  • Cost- effectiveness

Any enterprise wants to save costs as much as possible while still providing high efficiency in the work process. One analysis has shown the median salary of blockchain developers in the U.S. is 61.8% higher than that of other jobs so minimizing such costs is an obvious way to positively affect one’s bottom line.

This means, that if your business can find a quality outsourcing company, it will save a lot of costs to pay for personnel. And finding these services in developing countries and trending blockchain technology like Vietnam, and the Philippines will save more money with the same service as Western countries.

  • Faster process

Hiring a new-in house developer can be length process such as:

Step 1: Post a job 
Step 2: Review applications 
Step 3: Interview candidates 
Step 4: Test their skills 
Step 5: Evaluate their results 
Step 6: Choose the successful candidate 
Step 7: Integrate into the working environment 

Wow, it takes 7 steps or more to find a qualified employee, and maybe it’ll last 1-to 2 months or more. If you use outsourcing services, on the other hand, you just need to simply sit back, and wait for service providers to introduce and offer the most cost-effective options for your enterprise. In only one step, it takes time. The notable advantages that shorten the technological transformation process of businesses are speed and compactness.

  • The team effect

Your company will undoubtedly require a team of blockchain developers to complete the project. In addition, you’ll need to recruit other positions such as project manager, scrum master… in building and deploying. The HR department will then have to work at max potential. 

Not to mention that, in order to function as efficiently as possible, the team must be coordinated. Companies that provide blockchain services have worked on multiple projects, so interacting and exchanging information is easier, resulting in smoother work cooperation than a team of new members. 

  • High quality product

Outsourcing companies, which are made up of experienced individuals who have worked on a range of initiatives, will be able to see and address the problems that your business needs to tackle in a flexible manner. It can take a month to get used to blockchain technology, but in fact, that functionality isn’t applicable or the application won’t work.

Instead of wasting time and producing disappointing outcomes, they will provide you with a more focused approach. At the same time, the final product’s quality will make you happier because tiny flaws will be minimized.

  • Engagement Models

There are quite a number of choices when it comes to blockchain development outsourcing services. Companies will be able to commit enough resources for development and avoid any potential misunderstandings while outsourcing if they understand each model. Here are a few of the most well-known:

a/ Fixed Price Contract

This project-based engagement model follows a straight calendar of established milestones for development rather than relying on how much time and resources are required to accomplish the project. As a result, the fixed-cost contract model is better suited to businesses with limited budgets or those looking to construct their blockchain project as a one-time job.

b/ Build – Operate – Transfer (BOT) 

The offshore blockchain development business establishes an R&D infrastructure that matches clients’ needs and manages the team for a set amount of time under this model. The entire project, as well as ownership of the development team and facilities, is finally passed back to the client, and the company becomes a subsidiary of the client.

3. Should your company choose outsourcing blockchain development services?

If your enterprise needs ⅗ of the following, I recommend that you immediately find a reputable blockchain outsourcing service company!

  • Change the traditional management process, apply new technology to optimize the process
  • There is no blockchain developer team in the in-house team
  • Deploy the project fastest with the best cost and high efficiency
  • Want experts to accompany the project, maintain the system and be the advisor for the project
  • The project is in need of implementation and completed in an urgent time

Services in Vietnam, the Philippines, India, and others have substantially lower prices than in Western countries. Another advantage is that blockchain technology, crypto, and Gamefi are very accessible in their respective regions. As a result, their employees have a lot of experience to achieve good results.

To “blockchainize” your business, you ought to choose Arcanic Tech. Here, provide a variety of services in the field of blockchain. In addition, we are ready to be your companion to launch any technology transformation project to capture the future.

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